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Episode 61: Wooden Dialog

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
Worm- and/or Plothole

HA! You didn’t think we’d get in our fourth episode of the year, did you?!?! WELL THE JOKE’S ON YOU SWEETHEART BECAUSE HERE IT IS.

Wait, did we really only do four episodes? What the hell are they paying us for?

Wait, they’re not paying us?

Wait, who’s “they,” anyway? Is it us? Are we they? Or is they us? Or am we them?



Episode 56: Mixology

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Hey, remember when you were a kid, all those years ago? Remember little Sally Neidermeyer next door? The little freckled kid with braces and patchy rosacea? And remember when you went away to camp one summer and when you came back it seemed like little Sally had grown up? The rosacea was gone, the braces were gone, and her mom stopped cutting her hair at home and sent her to Blanche for a perm instead? Yeah?

Well that’s kind of what this show is. We’ve been gone for a while, and now we got makeup and boobs.