Episode 65: Oscar Preview

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We’re back again! With a show that was recorded a week before the Oscars, and now is being posted almost a month after the Oscars, and somehow manages to spend more time on Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie than any individual Oscar film! We’re nothing if not relevant! We’re nothing if not timely!

We’re nothing. 🙁

Okay, so I have a real excuse for the delay this time. Immediately after recording, my PC’s hard drive went and hard crashed. It is only through the heroic efforts of data recovery software Recuva that you’re even able to shoot this hot, sweaty man-cast straight into your cochlea. So thank the good folks of Piriform software, or possibly blame them. Probably blame them. Note that I was going to record an excuse to post as a bookend, but A) Nate was too tired to record it, and B) I was too lazy to go it alone.

In this show! We talk OSCARS OSCARS OSCARS and make a bunch of wrong predictions. Also, I try to defend the fact that I watched Michael Bay’s love note to Hilary Clinton’s Failures instead of watching Moonlight. Also, Nate reveals that he was an awful child.

So sit back, relax, and just let it happen. It’ll all be over soon-ish.

0:00:00 — “Blue and Lonesome,” The Rolling Stones
0:00:33 — “13 Hours” quote, opening banter
0:04:16 — “La La Land” review
0:19:31 — “Star Wars: Rogue One” micro-review
0:21:19 — “Arrival” review
0:21:51 — Mixer digression
0:26:10 — Drinking game suggestion
0:27:30 — “Gone Baby Gone” digression
0:36:00 — Break, “All of Your Love,” The Rolling Stones
0:37:16 — Wedding announcement
0:39:22 — “Hell or High Water” review
0:52:47 — “Manchester by the Sea” review
1:02:24 — Technical difficulties digression
1:03:49 — “Whiplash” digression
1:06:08 — Nate’s “Moonlight” review
1:10:50 — Nate sets race relations back 50 years
1:13:53 — Nate’s “Hacksaw Ridge” review
1:20:33 — Nate’s “Lion” review
1:24:17 — Warren’s digression about fatherhood
1:26:08 — Nate’s story from his youth
1:27:35 — Warren’s story from his youth
1:30:01 — Oscar predictions
1:30:30 — Best Picture (Warren picks “La La Land,” Nate picks “Moonlight”)
1:31:16 — Best Director (Warren takes “Moonlight,” Nate takes “La La Land”)
1:32:01 — Best Actress (Warren takes Emma Stone, Nate takes Natalie Portman)
1:32:31 — Best Actor (Nate takes Denzel, Warren takes Casey Affleck)
1:34:33 — And Scene… (“Got to Go,” Rolling Stones)
1:35:19 — Bonus “13 Hours” review
1:38:19 — “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing,” Rolling Stones
1:38:52 — Outtake 1
1:39:15 — Outtake 2

We believe the musical tracks played in this show are all used under the tenets of Fair Use. If you are the copyright holder on one of the pieces used in this show and believe otherwise, use the contact information at right to get in touch and you can tell us why you feel otherwise.

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