Episode 64: Rise of the Apocalytes

Hey! Guess what guess what guess what guesswhat guesswhat guesswhatguesswhat guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?? WE RECORDED A PODCAST AND IT DIDN’T SUCK! ALSO I’M CRACKED OUT OF MY SKULL ON LACK OF SLEEP AND CAFFEINE AND CRYING BABIES AND I’M NOT SCREAMING YOU’RE SCREAMING FUCK YOUUUUU

Okay, so, that was probably more real than I wanted it to be. But we’re back! And, for a change, we’re sober. This was recorded at 9AM on Veterans Day, and while you can probably tell for the first 15 minutes, eventually we get back into the groove and it’s the same good ol’ bad ol’ show you’ve come to sporadically expect from us.

One new thing we intro: we do a dramatic reading of this thing I wrote a while back and then published after the election because it seemed to fit. I don’t know if we’ll ever do this again, but for now I’m calling these segments “Tiny Theatre.” Please clap.

I’m out of practice writing these posts, so go ahead and stop reading. Sit back, relax, and just let it happen. Episode 64 is liiiiiiive…

0:00 — Intro: “Saint James Infirmary Blues,” Devil Makes Three
0:33 — Nightcrawler quote
1:51 — Hello and life updates
8:13 — Review of Ghostbusters
17:17 — Review of The Nice Guys
20:22 — Explanation of the “What the fuck was that?” phenomena
22:29 — Billy Dee Williams love fest
32:33 — First Break: “Drive On,” Johnny Cash
33:24 — Harry Caray clip
33:48 — Chicago Cubs World Series victory discussion
46:08 — Presidential election discussion
48:54 — Point Break (remake) review
51:28 — Remake/reboot discussion
54:41 — Jason Bourne review
1:02:42 — Captain Fantastic review
1:08:00 — Tease of Tiny Theatre
1:09:09 — Break, “Sweet Home Chicago,” The Blues Brothers
1:10:20 — Urinal trough discussion
1:13:38 — Doctor Strange review
1:23:23 — Continuation of remake/reboot discussion, vis a vis Star Wars
1:25:34 — White washing Dr. Strange
1:30:05 — After-credit stinger discussion (aftercredits.com)
1:35:38 — Indie directors and blockbusters discussion
1:38:57 — Star Trek Beyond review
1:45:41 — What did we learn
1:46:21 — And Scene: “Guess Who’s Knocking,” Ryan Bingham
1:48:01 — Tiny Theatre: “2016 Election”
1:51:24 — Tiny Theatre discussion
1:57:13 — Outtake

We believe the musical tracks played in this show are all used under the tenets of Fair Use. If you are the copyright holder on one of the pieces used in this show and believe otherwise, use the contact information at right to get in touch and you can tell us why you feel otherwise.

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