Episode 62: Boyhood Charm

It’s gotta be at least a little weird to be the kid from Boyhood. I mean, I had a camera following me around for most of my teen years, but those VHS tapes are locked safely away in a basement in the Midwest. And even I get a little itchy sometimes, wondering if they’ll get unearthed, and people will see the walking haystack of bad Cobain hair and leaking acne and I’ll lose all the credibility that I’ve gained over the years as a film critic. Or, alternately, we could just do another episode, and let my talking do that by itself.

In this episode! We whine for a bit about how hard it is to coordinate our schedules when one of us is desperately trying to die via sicknesses more usually seen in people that were born in the ’30s before diving into a discussion/review of the Oscar darling, Boyhood. We follow that up with a halfhearted attempt at a review of the movie Foxcatcher, and ultimately throw it to break without either of us definitively saying whether we liked it or not.

After the break, we dive into a spirited, winding, and, much like the movie, ultimately pointless discussion of Inherent Vice. While we disagree on whether or not we liked the movie, we were so caught up in the general vibe of the movie, we couldn’t bring ourselves to actually have an argument, man. We wrap up our slate of reviews with a fairly deep discussion of American Sniper. We both liked it, we both probably will never see the movie ever again.

After the final break, and after I cough my bad lung out over the music, we finish off the show with a brief discussion of the 2015 Academy Awards, which we cut short because, seriously, I’m losing a lung. I tried to edit out most of the attacks, but some of them made it in. Just pretend you live in a world where people don’t vaccinate their kids and you’re walking through a pediatric ward at the hospital.

So glue it down, stick it up, roll it around, or do what you need to do with it, Episode 62 is liiiiiive…


00:00:05: Start Music (“The River” by Son Little)
00:00:30: Movie Quote
00:02:12: Virus Discussion
00:03:09: Boyhood Discussion
00:20:55: Foxcatcher Discussion
00:32:19: Inherent Vice Discussion
00:47:14: American Sniper Discussion
01:00:21: Academy Awards Discussion
01:11:13: Outtake
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