Episode 61: Wooden Dialog

Worm- and/or Plothole

HA! You didn’t think we’d get in our fourth episode of the year, did you?!?! WELL THE JOKE’S ON YOU SWEETHEART BECAUSE HERE IT IS.

Wait, did we really only do four episodes? What the hell are they paying us for?

Wait, they’re not paying us?

Wait, who’s “they,” anyway? Is it us? Are we they? Or is they us? Or am we them?



We debate whether or not we’ve heard each other’s voices since May, and determine we have not, and also that we haven’t been missing much. Shortly thereafter, we have a brief (and I mean, like, 30 seconds) recap of several movies we saw in 2014, or in the first half of 2014, or let’s be honest, in June of 2014 because that’s when the trailer clips I had were from.

The opening banter complete, we delve into an in-depth, out-of-practice review of Interstellar. The main takeaway is that Nate doesn’t understand the existence of anything as deep and bottomless as Anne Hathaway’s lack of perceivable acting skill.

After that, we roll into a Clip Show!™ game, only with an M. Night Shyamalamadingdong twist: where Nate usually plays against me, this time Nate and I join forces to play against me from 6 months ago, and then lose.

We wrap up the reviewination with a review of the Michael Keaton renaissance machine, Birdman. We agree on almost all facets of the movie, including the ones that made no fucking sense.


Fooled you, we actually take the Wayback Machine all the way back to, what, like October or something, and do a review of David Fincher’s Gone Girl. Sorry if I kind of stumble over my review, because Nate actually sprung this on me in-show, so you missed out on deep, erudite discussion points such as “does anyone really buy Doogie Howser as an obsessive hetero-stalker?”

And that’s a wrap for 2014, folks. So gather round a blazing yule, wear your gayest apparel, pound some eggnog, and crank up this very special holiday episode! We’re HO-HO-HOping you love it! If not, fuck off.


Start Music (War On Drugs: Red Eyes): 00:05
Opening Quote (from Interstellar): 00:35
Banter: 01:00
Interstellar Review: 01:15
Clip Show!™: 16:22
Break (Alt-J: Left Hand Free): 30:21
Birdman Review: 33:08
Gone Girl Review: 54:27
Wrapup/Random Movie Search: 1:02:00
End (Christopher Lee: A Heavy Metal Christmas): 1:06:22
Outtakes/Impromptu Discussion of Scrooged: 1:08:24

We believe the musical tracks played in this show are all used under the tenets of Fair Use. If you are the copyright holder on one of the pieces used in this show and believe otherwise, use the contact information at right to get in touch and you can tell us why you feel otherwise.

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