Episode 45.5: A Bonding Experience

Welcome back. Your mission, should you choose to accept it Mr. Bourne, is to review Skyfall while simultaneously trying to ignore the fact that the Bourne movies are better at making super-spies lifelike, and the Mission Impossible movies are better at making them fun. Javier Bardem, however, is, as he always has been, simply FAAABULOUS.

After I spend a while chewing through the grist of the most recent Bond movie, Nate takes on both Chronicle and Safe House and SPOILER ALERT one of them sucks. It’s probably not the one you’re thinking. Unless you’re thinking Safe House, in which case, yeah. It’s that one.

After THAT though, we talk for, no shit, like 25 minutes about how many goats died on the set of the Hobbit. It’s like a million.

And then we round out the show with a little game we like to call “Meathead or Manchild.” Okay, so, that’s not what we called it. We totally should have though.

So that’s pretty much it. Sit back with some semi-salmonellafied turkey and a bottle of cranberry schnapps and give thanks that we only do this a couple times a month, kids, because it’s showtime.



The Old 97’s courtesy Bloodshot Records

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