Episode 43: A Little More Michael Caine

This week on the big show we’ve got so much to talk about. So much, in fact, that it has led to a terrible case of verbal constipation. Be prepared, folks. What follows is the podcast equivalent of an hour and fifteen minutes of sweating and straining. You can almost see the veins pop on our foreheads.

But what is expelled, you may ask? Pure audio gold.

We start of the night with a fantastic discussion of the somewhat forgettable Lawless, which Nate liked a lot more than I did. As you know, Nate is always wrong.

In somewhat of a turn, Nate has seen more movies than me this week, so we get an extra couple reviews from him. The first is Hesher, a movie starring Joseph Gordon Levitt that flew under the radar but not, if the publicity photos are to be believed, under a running shower. Filthy.

After that, he discusses Joss Whedon’s The Cabin In The Woods, starring Thor. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t have Mjolnir in this one.

We talk some news and some other stuff, including a brief recap of my personal Tony Scott marathon. All in all it’s a full-bodied, burly podcast. The kind of podcast that makes women weak in the knees. The kind of podcast that makes men feel inferior. The kind of podcast that starts right about now.



Cody’s Dream, by Mark Pickerel, courtesy Bloodshot Records.
La Piedra, by Cordero, also courtesy Bloodshot Records.

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