Episode 40: Hanging By A Thread

And we’re back! Spraying “webbing” all over the place, whining about our love lives (at least, Nate is), and cracking wise while battling Will O’ The Wisp, Big Wheel, Fancy Dan, and other top-flight villains from our rogues gallery. That’s right, folks, we are, collectively, Spider-Man. It’s uncomfortable squeezing into the suit together, but that’s why we can claim the strength of “at least two normal men.”

In addition to reviewing the latest harrowing exploits of America’s favorite superhero (emo-teen category, barely edging out Aqualad and the Power Pack), we also pay lip service to such memorable efforts as Abe Lincoln: This Movie Is A Sin Against All That’s Holy and the surprise hit of the summer, Ted.

In even more addition, like a whole ‘nother addition, like with a porch and a second veranda and such, we spend some time talking about the trip I took across America. Specifically we talk about what it was like trying to shoot a documentary without any experience, ability, skill, or talent. But with a pretty darn nice camera!

So that’s the show, folks. Sit back, relax, and play with your webshooters until you cover yourself in clear, viscous fluid, because Episode 40 is the new Episode 30 and it’s ready to air.


The song Sunshine, by The Meat Purveyors, is provided courtesy of Bloodshot Records.


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