Episode 12: Ameritastic!

Nate and I are feeling patriotic this week, as we spend some time discussing American movies, most notably the still-in-theaters Captain America and the DVD release The American. Note that these movies have pretty much nothing else in common, although Chris Evans can probably do just as many chin-ups as our buddy the Cloon-meister over there.

We also cover our Summer Blockbuster Wager, and the fact that Nate beat me by over $100mil, which means, of course, that I’ll be seeing…Spy Kids 4D. Just cain’t wait.

We finish up with a preview of a couple reboots, The Amazing Spider-Man and Conan The Barbarian. I’ll try not to spoil it, except to say that we’re really looking forward to seeing what Andy Richter can do with a broadsword.

So that’s it kiddies, pop it and lock it because the Watch This Podcast is live.

To tape. Or bits.




The Flight of The Bumblebee courtesy musopen.org

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